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It's not often I fall head-over-heels in love with a designer. I pick and choose from the pieces of a collection, opting for specific favorites rather than an overarching brand or designer name. And I really do feel like this approach is, in general, a more practical way to look at fashion - because no single person will consistently match my aesthetic and artistic tastes (not even me, considering how often my opinions fluctuate).

That being said, there are a few exceptions to my rule. Alber Elbaz, for one. Alexander McQueen is, quite possibly, my ultimate favorite. And now there's a newcomer who has dazzled me (enough so that she's in the running to become a designer favorite) - Reem Alasadi.

A recent search for feathered dresses on Polyvore brought me to the stunning, strong-yet-ethereal dress (pictured above, left), which then led to a search for information about the label, Reem (not to be confused with Reem Acra!). As it turns out, she was the subject of a blog article over at not long ago, where I found an even more breathtaking photo (below). My short list of genuine favorites may be growing by one...


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